I fell in love with Body Jewelry at 18 when I got my belly pierced and have been fascinated with piercings ever since. I make what I would wear!

I'm Mary, creator and designer behind Eclectic River Designs
Jewelry, Accessories, & Decor. I started this business in 2013 from my self-taught love for creating art and my passion for Bohemian inspired pieces. So, I combined the two and from the dust Eclectic River Designs was born. A huge bonus is I get the privilege of being at home with my wonderful husband and I's son Garner who was born with a genetic depletion of the small arm of the 4th chromosome called Wolf-Hirschhorn Syndrome. He is a joy and my muse!
I work mostly with minerals, crystals, gemstones, fine metals, feathers, leathers, suedes, and other Earth treasures. Every piece I create is one of a kind, even the ones that have multiples are never the same! Body Jewelry and wire wrapping fine jewelry are my specialties but I love learning new skills and processes so check the shop often for new unique pieces!
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Peace & Love,

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